Thinking of buying the Sony 18-135 lens

Started May 28, 2013 | Photos thread
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Tamron 17-50 f2.8 + Sony 55-300 = magic combo !

You already have the Tamron 17-50 f2.8, which is an *outstanding* lens IMO. It should be sharp right wide open! I had a major reservation about the 50mm limit when I got mine. I was using a Minolta 28-105 Xi a lot, which actually is a pretty descent lens - underrated IMO.

I also have a Tamron 28-300 which is allright crazy stopped down to f10....

But reviewing my picture library, I was surprised how most of my shots, including kids playing in the park pictures, how most of those pictures fall in the range up to 70mm, which most of those at around 50mm and under!

Yes, it *feels* so incompetent and "wimpy" having only up to 50mm, but I've changed my mind of this completely! I find that when the shots are very sharp, like the 17-50 provides, there's lots of room to crop the hell out of it.

IMO, this 17-50 is not just an indoor lens. It's most definitely a lens you want in your bag when you go out! Don't give up that crispness!

IMO for a while now, my favorite combo, is that 17-50 lens + the Sony 55-300. I had the 55-200 before, which was pretty good, and also an underrated lens. I had a big beercan, but I did not like how it failed to be tack sharp. I then saw in review after review that the 55-300 was almost G like sharp! So, I sold the BBC, and found a used copy of the 55-300 for $200. Holy crap it's sharp! I've also never seen it outperformed by that very popular Tamron 70-300 lens, and I'm talking the good version of that Tamron.

Here is a quick shot I made of a tree, nothing special, but it's sharp. No sharpening in the camera (0 setting), and no post processing. Shot taken in jpg mode.

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