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Re: Is the OM-d a good beginner's camera?

I see nothing wrong with it if that is what the person wishes to do. Perhaps the person has good reasons for getting that particular model. I will use my own start as an example...back when I started off with a c4040. I can from a faux film range finder (a big Yellow Sea and Sea to be exact). Was it the easiest camera to learn on? Nope..but I was heavy into scuba and wanted a good quality camera with a fast(er) lens that I could take underwater. The c4040 plus oly housing was one of the best combos dollar for dollar, feature for feature. I stated out in p mode and as I learned and read and experimented, I had a camera that grew with me and did not frustrate me too much (although the shutter lag sucked so many pictures of fish butts )
In the end I did the research and picked the camera I did based on my needs and wants. I think I made the right choice at that time. I know it is the cAmera that hooked me on the oly camera line
As for the omd being the right camera for a beginner. Well that is up to the beginner. Yes it is complicated and expensive but if the beginner understands that and has a plan to deal with classes, read, experiment, transition from iauto to p to s and a to m modes...they also have a camera that is a lovely tool and one that can grow with them. It also has some features that may be particular features that a beginner is looking sealing (would have loved for my 4040 or 8080 to have come with that as even in the underwater housing, sometimes leaks happen), maybe it is the articulating screen, the evf, the ability to use both evf and hotshoe at same time....or a combination of any and all of them which makes it ideal for a particular individual.
Bottom line is if a person does their research...beginner or not and decides the omd is the best camera for them...who is somebody else to say otherwise?

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