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Acrill wrote:

Sergey Borachev wrote:

Merely suggesting that it would take the OP a year to learn basics of photography is presumptuous IMHO.

Agreed. It only takes a couple of hours using websites or library books to learn all of the basic concepts of photography.

The next step is to take your camera and practice what you have learned.

Practice can be done just as easily with a more expensive, 'complicated' camera as it can be done with a cheaper camera. That said, the E-M5 is not really more complicated than a camera such as the E-PL1.

Quite right.  And a really nice camera can be very motivating for someone starting to get serious with photography and get him/her out more to go shooting.  It will also be more rewarding and encouraging to that person, as it will produce better quality photos more often due to better features that does not require any advanced skills to use, e.g. the 5-axis IBIS.  A better camera also saves time and energy in frequent upgrading (all the constant searching, researching, etc that gearheads here waste so much time on!  OK, some may need to do so for very demanding work), and let the person starting out concentrate on one camera and have the chance to really learn to use it.  So many people jump around and never learn to use any camera really well. or never have enough time to concentrate on learning their cameras because they are studying new cameras every day.

There, 3 good reasons, already for why a very nice camera can be good for a beginner.

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