Is the OM-d a good beginner's camera? Locked

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Re: Is the OM-d a good beginner's camera?

EM-5 is really good if money is of no concern.

I particularly recommend a camera with built-in EVF. Beginners could try out all kinds of crazy composition for as long as they want without worrying people watching from behind. And high ISO capability is good for beginners too. Controlling a flash well is not exactly simple and could frustrate some at the very beginning. And the dust and splash-proof construction opens up a lot of opportunities for creativity too! (Talking about creativity, newbies quite often have interesting things in mind that we old folks may not have.)

I am quite an experienced tropical fish keeper. My advice to newbies is always for them to buy the most beautiful fish that they love to own and could afford, not the cheap and easiest. If the fish is beautiful and expensive, they would more likely spend enough time and attention to take care of them and the chance of success would actually be a lot higher.

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