Testing the new LED100WA-56 Light with Bowens Softbox Mount

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Re: Great find!

Tom Meeks wrote:

Just as we expected!  LED in a monolight form factor is going to be VERY popular!

Yeah..the interesting thing is that with these light there is not one big LED panel (consisting a lot of smaller ones of course) but a lot of smaller ones.

The strongest one (150W) they say emits 15 000 LM which is nice close to the light of a 1000W halogen.

Nice find!

I hope someone takes the time to run some tests for all of us.

The ones you found don't appear to need a ballast box.  I know the company to which I consult is going to interested in some LED lights for video.  So, it's good that the choices are expanding.

Chinese manufacturers will sweep the floor with these. It just fits them very well, not very complicated to make, they can make it cheap.

The Photoflex LED has a 120 degree angle of light.  But, I think it will be around $1,200.00.

By the way, I ordered a LUX meter for the tests.  My Sekonic L-308S can probably do it; but, it takes a doctorate in theoretical math to figure it out!  I think String theory is easier!!!! 

I don't think that the Sekonic is that complicated I use a similar. You have to set ISO time and blende and that is it.


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