Testing the new LED100WA-56 Light with Bowens Softbox Mount

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Re: Ordering 100WA version

Hi Tom

Tom Meeks wrote:

I agree that the light output might be over rated.    Being under the lights they appear to be very bright; but, that's probably because of the daylight balance.

Well they all appear to be very bright but that tells not much about the real light output

I think these 100 - 1000 W LED's could have equal light as a 500W halogen bulb approximately, or even less it might only be equals to 250W.

A normal tungsten/halogen bulb emits about 20 lumen/watt so 1000W halogen could have 20 000 lumens.

I use CF  5X85W bulb in a softbox and the light is about equals to a 500W halogen (it should be more but that is the reality)

I just learned that they were working on a 200WA version.  I like the quality of the light enough to go for another.  So, I committed to buy one as my Key light.  They put up a link so that I could order it .    It's about $200+ more than the 100WA version.

200WA sounds quite good but the price might be a bit high (at least for me)

The specs at the link claims 9500 lumens for the 200WA light.

I'm in a different position than many people that are looking for a set of lights.  I already have strobes and an excellent set of incandescent lights.  But, the area in which I have to work is so small that I really don't want to suffer under hot lights and I would like to be able to do a lot more demonstration videos related to the Cube 3D printer.  My YouTube following is approaching the 1000 count just with the screen capture tutorials and I'd like to step up what I am able to deliver for my blog now that Staples is carrying the Cube.

Yeah that is understandable. Cool light are great CF and LED as well. I use CF for video now because it is still stronger and a lot cheaper than LED but it is slowly changing. And with CF I don't really have hard light it is always soft. For photography I use flash of course.

So, it makes sense for me to go ahead and invest in new, experimental lighting.  And, because I love to share what I learn, I'm happy to make what I find out available to others.

Thanks a lot for that.

I should also note that the supplier in China has been super at communicating with me.  Fotodiox, which also carries the LED 100WA-56, has not been as good.  I have yet to hear from them on an email sent after I learned they carried them.  I'm amazed that communicating and dealing with a company in China is easier than dealing with one in the states.  Go figure! 

Yeah I only used E-Bay yet but generally I have good experiences. Things come a bit slowly sometimes but I am in middle Europe it takes a bit more time. Their English not always very good but it is OK.

I understand that I will be probably getting the first LED 200WA-56.  So, they've said it will take a few weeks to arrive.  But, as soon as it does, I'll run it through its paces.  This is an important form factor for LED lighting and probably the wave of the future.

Sure, cool sun type of light in a bowens mount small form factor is the best. I could use all of my light modifiers I have a lot of softboxes, BD's umbrellas, reflectors etc...

The incandescent light at my work, that I mentioned earlier, turns out to be 500W.

If you can measure the light and compare it to the LED that would be interesting. Don't measure it directly but indirectly to a wall or similar. Put the light meter onto a stand or similar so it does not move...

One more question..how loud is the fan??? could be a problem with video if it is too loud...



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