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Re: But why Guy, why?

tedolf wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

ReubenMcDonald wrote:

I've only had mine for a week, but no its a terrible beginners camera, its way too complicated !

It is useful that it has two dials, but there are so many settings and menus that a beginner might get lost, and it will be difficult to focus on SS, aperture, ISO, DoF and other key elements.

That's where forums like this and Googling around help to answer questions to make that complicated camera less complicated to use.

Yes, the camera can be bewildering at first, that's exactly why they put the iAuto function in, so beginners have a fair chance of getting a result from day 1. But once you learn a bit then iAuto is left far behind and you may use Aperture Priority mode for most shots.

As for some help, you could do worse than to look at my pages , written originally for the E-PL1 but so much is common across all Olympus cameras that there is something of interest for all. Particularly the Links page which leads you to more E-M5 links that will help set up your camera.

As for a "sensible" way to use a camera, use that Aperture Priority mode, be aware that you need to stick in the range wide open to f/8 for best results, f/11-16-22 etc leads to loss of detail due to diffraction, use Auto ISO so you don't have to keep fiddling the ISO settings. Just find and set an ISO high limit that suits your taste and needs, and get busy taking pictures instead of forever fiddling with the camera like so many here seem to like to do. Get in the habit of taking RAW+jpeg and then better results can be dredged from the RAWs later as you learn more and need more from the camera.

Above all, ask questions here when confused, and learn to sift out the good advice from the bad advice.

Regards.... Guy

Why start off with a camera that is "bewildering" when Oly and Panny have developed cameras especially for people like Reuben that have all the IQ and most of the features of the OM-d in a much easier to operate package and at far less cost?

Obviously Oly and Panny think that is the way to go for beginners.

Do you think differently?


You've convinced me to go buy one..thnx

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