D800e with 24-70 on a vacation in London?

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Re: D800e with 24-70 on a vacation in London?

Jeepers, there are people in london (and many other cities) walking around with rings on their fingers worth far more than your D800E, that are easier to steal, carry and sell for a better margin. I have a D800E, before I had a D700, and I shot everywhere I went. The USA, Europe and Asia. I got it insured, and occasionally I used smaller memory cards so I could have 1 per day in case I did manage to lose it I wouldn't lose all the photos.

Restaurant rules: always on lap, always strapped to me. Very vulnerable place, many well practiced thieves with distract and grab routines if you leave it on the chair next to you.

Taxis/vehicles another weak link point, same rules, don't leave it sitting on the seat next to you as its vulnerable to a grab.

Now I was in Japan a few months ago and saw a guy wandering around with a leica. It wasn't in a camera bag, it was hanging off the very last inch of his shoulder (so close to falling), and would have been so very easy to steal. I have my D800E hanging from my neck, but it rests in its case (which is open when I'm shooting). The case I have diagonally strapped across my neck and one shoulder. The D800E name on the neck strap is ALWAYS turned inwards so people can't see it: why would you advertise that. In short, it can't just be yanked from my neck as that strap under my arms stops it.

Now, counterargument, there are places in london where even in 2013 I would have a ok chance of being mugged in the day and a high chance at night. I don't go there, we aren't talking about the touristy places. Occasionally at 2am or so there's a mugging in an alley off a touristy spot lets say.. ok well I don't walk around at that time with my camera (pretty much home before midnight), and I don't get it out to shoot unless I'm in a touristy and well-lit shot.

London I know. Hong Kong I know: same rules, for where and when I go, its very safe, there are places I could go where I would be in trouble. I walked around a night market in Taipei with it a few weeks ago, I guarantee multiple thieves there watched me, assessed my behaviour and decided that it wasn't a viable option. Next week I'll be in Xian in China where selling my D800E would amount to years of salary for some people, but it will again only be with me in well populated areas in the daytime, and it will be secure enough that it would literally take a knifepoint mugging to get it off me.

So, there is of course a chance of a problem, but if you manage the variables you can make it a very small %, and you can mitigate by insuring properly and backing up photos daily if you are taking valuable shots. It is completely possible that I get mugged in a crowded area in the daytime, but its a very unlikely event, and I won't live a life ruled by fear of worst case scenarios. I got this to shoot with, and I damn well will!

If you DON'T manage your camera well in a crowded city (anywhere, London is a very safe one by international standards if you stick to the decent areas), then you are at risk anywhere you go. That leica guy I mentioned earlier, and many others I see wandering around oblivious to protecting their kit, those guys are dealing with far worse odds than someone who does the basics right.

Take your camera; look after it; use it well.

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