Question About OM-D for the OM-D Users

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Re: Question About OM-D for the OM-D Users

I owned a NEX 5n for about a year, and also had a NEX 7 for a few months, before switching to the OMD about 8 months ago.

Both are excellent cameras, and capable of very high quality images.

The NEX will have slightly better control of DOF, and I like the ergonomics of the NEX better (specifically the grip).

The OMD has awesome IBIS, better jpgs, and smaller lenses (and more native lenses), and the touch screen works better - touch to shoot is very cool in certain situations.  The thing that tipped the scales though for me is the faster auto focus on the OMD.  It is faster than many of the DSLRs I've used (for single shot AF - continuous is a mixed bag, at best).  Comparing my OMD to the NEX 7, I think the OMD somehow does better at ISO 3200 and 6400 - this doesn't make any sense to me, given the larger sensor of the NEX, but I've seen it with my own pictures, so take that for what its worth.

Here's a link to some OMD pictures I've taken in the last 8 months or so:!i=2357473455&k=DkVSvCS

And some with the NEX:!i=1614552979&k=kc4xNnG

I'd go with the one that you feel best suits your needs in terms of lens selection, and feel.

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