Tilt and shift lens with adaptor using XP1

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Re: Tilt and shift lens with adaptor using XP1 - Stitched panorama

Rene - great example and very informative.  Thank you so much.  Your combo of camera, lens and adapter creates a nice angle of view without it having that wide angle "edge stretch"  The shot is full of detail.  And cropping out the soft sides makes for a more normal view and not the excessive panorama feel. Even if you had a little convergence of verticals, you could correct those in editing.

I had a meeting today with my video cameraman and we were saying how we are now selecting any new equipment based in large part on convenience - smaller, lighter, easier to use for a shoot.  Your combo of equipment seems like a great small package that has the potential to produce some high end visuals.

Again, thanks for taking the time to shoot and post.  It is helping me make some decisions.


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