Is the OM-d a good beginner's camera? Locked

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Bob Tullis
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I'm glad you asked.

My answer in a nutshell would be, it would depend on the beginner.

I'm one that went from using p&s's to a $5000 DSLR when I decided to 'take it on'.   Yea, I could have used classes, but that didn't suit me for more than one reason.  But I took it on, and learned in my own time and manner.   Had you been around to advice me back then, I probably would have given it up for doing it YOUR way.  IT might be right for you, and a great deal of others, but not everyone.    Doing it MY way has been quite the experience, and I'm appreciative of the whole journey so far.

I don't think I'm all that unique.  Not as one who is somewhat serious in their spare time with this craft.   But it's not the only way.   When you lecture others as to what YOU think they should do. . . but you mainly are here just to entertain yourself, and when you're bored you just interject whenever an argument for argument's sake is possible.   I see you're dominating topics again, top poster again. . . if/when you're banned and REALLY bored, you might consider taking on an OM-D yourself.  You never know - seeing if YOU can rise to its potential might be just the ticket.

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