Question About OM-D for the OM-D Users

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Re: Question About OM-D for the OM-D Users

Thank you guys for your thoughts and suggestions....

The thing is I cannot see myself adjusting to fixed prime lens as my all-purpose walk around lens.
I personally like having the ability to zoom in and out whenever the subject is farther away or closer to me. In certain situations, you don't have the time or space to move around, and then have to dig into your camera bag to grab the lens which can give you the shot you want.

I have always been a fan of having a wide zoom (general walk around), a telephoto zoom (extra reach) and a fast prime lens (low light/night). Yes, I am aware that faster primes give you better image quality and sharpness, but I cannot see myself having 3 prime lens in my bag and switching them back and forth as I am walking around during vacation, causing me to miss a shot.
I think I am leaning towards the NEX-7. Like I said, I do mostly family vacations and a lot of landscapes, so I think the NEX-7 will serve me best since it delivers a lot of detail with its 24 MP sensor. Sure, the NEX-6 and OM-D might have a slight edge in high ISO performance, but with the "Handheld Twilight" feature, it takes 3 photos at once, combines them into one image, reducing noise and outputting a cleaner photo with minimal noise.

All in all, both are great cameras and it is hard to choose.....but the 24 MP APS-C sensor along with the focus-peaking is what appeals to me the most. Having the ability to stick legacy lenses on it, and use the focus peaking feature for precise focus is an extra bonus.

Either way, I appreciate the help and suggestions I have gotten here. Thanks again!

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