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Re: Insulting?

tedolf wrote:

Kewee wrote:

My suggestion is take notice of Sergey Borachev, his is very sound advice. You have three simple settings to choose from while your learning. The OM-D is a wonderful camera to grow into.

Once again Tedolf suggests it's a waste of money to buy more than your experience requires. He appears to make the assumption that as you use your camera you'll be incapable of learning and growing into it. Ignore his insulting advice and enjoy the learning curve as your experience grows.

Where is the insult?

Why does Oly make cameras like the E-pm2 and E-pl5 with the exact same sesnor as the OM-d?

What does Oly say on their own web site is the purpose of a camera like the E-pm2.

Are they trying to "insult" their customers?


Suggesting someone returns their camera and replace it with a less advanced model because 'you' believe it's beyond their skill level implies they are incapable of learning and growing into their OM-D, which is insulting. I can only assume you judge peoples ability to learn and progress by your own experience. If you honestly believe you need film camera experience to progress from a point and shoot there's not much hope for anyone. I must sign off, I've got some very important landscapes to do with my Box Brownie for a client. 

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