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Re: I would probably skip the 14-150.


I'm a relatively new user of the OMD. I bought one as a second system a couple of months ago, partly because I used the old OM system for years and liked the retro handling. In the past decade I've used a Nikon system (D2X/D3) and 3 years ago I ditched that for a Leica M9. I love the Leica, but outside of 35-90mm the RF is not a good solution, so I now also carry an OMD with a 12mm f2 and 75mm f1.8.

A few observations:

1 IQ - The OMD is very good, on par with the M9 up to 1600ISO, and much better up to 6400, where the M9 is unusable. Neither is as good as a top end Nikon sensor in the 6400 to 12800 range.

2 EVF. Its actually very very useable. Clear and informative. I dont like the black out after a shot, but thats inevitable with an EVF.

3. Lenses, DOF and diffraction. With MFT you need to think bigger apertures. f2-f8 is the ideal range, f11 and over and IQ goes down the pan with diffraction, and f2 etc are quite useable as DOF is not 'paper thin as on FF. I dont use my M9 and 75mm at f2 for portraits as you get one eyelash in focus only. I stop down to f4, equivalent of the wonderful 45mm f1.8 Zuiko prime, at 10%!!! of the cost... Seriously, forget the 'soccer mom' kit zoom and get a 17mm f2.8, and 45mm f1.8 to start with, your photos will look soooo much better.

4. Other lens choices. I know from OM days that zuiko primes are almost on par with Leica, and the 12mm f2 and 75mm f1.8 are sharp and with lovely smooth out of focus. they really 'pop'.

6. Handling. This is a personal choice. I grew up with an OM1, you balance the camera on your left hand (focusing with thumb and forefinger if needed), leaving your right free to operate the controls. Unlike a big DSLR with a grip where you hold it with your right and zoom with your left (another place for primes). Its just an older style of shooting.

So I'm in Berlin this week on a trip with an M Monochrom 35mm and 75mm, and an OMD with 12mm and 75mm (24 and 150mm equivalent).... both cameras and 4 lenses in a very very small shoulder bag.

Your choice should be driven by lens availability and handling, but the 'value' in the OMD is in the small high quality primes.

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