Tilt and shift lens with adaptor using XP1

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Re: Tilt and shift lens with adaptor using XP1 - Stitched panorama

I am happy to oblige...

X-Pro1, Kipon T&S adapter, Tokina RMC 17mm f/3.5 full-frame lens (Nikon F mount), light and compact travel tripod, bubble level, cable release.

I made three shots at f/8: a "centered" one, one with 10mm left shift and one with 10mm right shift. I made sure to keep the camera level so that there would be no vertical perspective distortion (hence the excessive foreground). The fact that with this adapter you can shift from center in either direction without having to rotate the lens mount is very handy (the shift-only Kipon adapter only allows for 10mm from center in one direction, so a 180 degree rotation of the mount is necessary).

I already knew that the edge performance of the Tokina is not so fantastic: you should not shift it for more than ca. 7-8mm along the long edge of the frame (whereas my Nikon FF primes allow for 10-12mm, and some even more). Hence the visible vignetting and blur at the extremes. But I decided that I could always crop that away later...

Center image:

Left image:

Right image:

Conversion from RAW to TIFF (with minor exposure adjustment) in LR4.4, then Photomerge in Auto mode using Photoshop CS3 results in:

Note the minimal impact of the stitching at the image edges only: because shift was used, no major rotation, scaling or warp is required, just compensating for some slight camera movement while the lens was shifted.

I then cropped the poor left and right extremes, got rid of the excess foreground, and dit the usual fine adjustments incl. some dodge and burn in LR4.4.

The end result:

Better to look at Full-res stitched panorama .

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