What Olympus actually promised:

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erichK wrote:

The problem with such complicated solutions, involving many moving parts is just that: they are complicated and (etc.)

that depends on how they can be accomplished, for instance. A type of narrow ram with encapsulated oil reservoir with the valving adjusted so finely it allows you to move it by hand, but is strong enough to support the tailgate of a hatchback, those are common.

What about sensors that activate valving in a collision in such a way that they fill a large bag full of air to protect the occupant from injury with a cars hard interior surfaces. Better than that,lets fire off 6 of these things at once. The system breaks the bag from its protective enclosure, and allows the bag to gradually deflate to further decelerate the occupant more softly

If you landed from another planet some things would seem like wildly impossible ideas, but they are standardised designs that are very effective, some very cheap to execute and are in use every day.

The Contax attempt too deal with the same dilemma that essentially killed the Olympus OM line - the lack of AF, was, in the long run, even less successful than Oly's abandonment of the OM and move to completely new chassis-types and lenses.  I don't really know whether it even really worked in practical terms; I do know that it failed badly with potential buyers (and also that Kyocera went on to other things -but then they did not have the strong optical and camera mainstream tradition that Olympus has.)

Not unusually, Contax failed for a number of reasons, not the least of which was the sensor and image writing were archaic. As to the body in question, it didnt sell very well at all, neither did the fully functioning conventional autofocussing Contax N. I think their problem was a not so well sorted imaging pipeline when such things were still in their infancy, and that eventually they just ran out of money so Kyocera walked away.

It is difficult to predict what they will do, and certainly any well-designed/ well-handling modern-sensored camera - OVF of EVF or hybrid- that will effectively AF and finally provide reliable CAF with FT lenses will be a relief, even a joy.

But while one that effectively focusses both FGT and mFT lenses - without an adapter, even - might be a cause for celebration, I'd much prefer an updated fairly conventional DSLR over something that had Rube Goldberg on the design team!

in balance an SLR seems more likely
Im a little shy of trying to think how to say what they will do though

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