Question About OM-D for the OM-D Users

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I would probably skip the 14-150.

It's slow, large, and optimized for video. The only lens mentioned that could give a little shallow DOF is the 20mm, but it's a little slow at AF. You should consider the 45mm for shallow DOF. I sold my 20mm due to lack of use because better primes (for me) came out.

Look at some photos using the 45mm. Also check out the recent thread about wedding photos from a Moscow shoot. Shows good shallow DOF.

Zooms are a compromise in any format. Learn to use a couple of primes - I rely on a 14mm 2.5 and the above-mentioned 45mm 1.8. I also have picked up a 75mm 1.8, but haven't used it much yet.

Sigma has three very affordable lenses that are quite good, all at 2.8; I have two of them, and a 60mm is being introduced now. If I had known about the 60mm, I probably wouldn't have bought the Oly 75mm.

By the way, I have a Sony dSLR system (which will be sold) and considered the NEX line, but went with m4/3 for a number of big one being lens size. The other was a growing interest in video - I know have 2 GH2 cameras, and 2 OM-D bodies, and numerous lenses, even the "huge" Pany 100-300 (great for baseball games, etc.). One of my OM-Ds has the grip, and I've purchased two flashes (600 & 300) for wireless flash use. By the way, I rather like the little flash that comes with the OM-D, and I keep it on all of the time.

As for IQ, if you read the latest reviews, you'll understand that there's really no difference now, which is one reason I'm selling my dSLR stuff.

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