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joehawthorn wrote:

in setting up my OMD there are many choices to be made.

I am using the 45 lens primarily for taking shots of my young children, many indoors. What are your default settings in either auto or other? My major issue is the camera often focusses on the background rather than the kids if they are moving.

Indoors, the 45mm and OMD isn't usually going to be fast enough to focus on running kids.

For this situation, you can pre-focus on something, hold the shutter and wait for the moving target to cross in front of the camera. You will want to be in shutter mode, pick a high enough shutter speed, put the EM5 in auto ISO, and let it adjust the aperture, hoping there is enough light to make the picture.

Another way to do it is to program a button for focus. Put the 45mm in MF mode. Then you don't have to hold the shutter button. Still gotta wait for the target to cross.

I checked the modes on my EM5. It's going as low as 1/15 second in Sport Mode with ISO 800 and f1.8 for the 45mm. Likely to be blur city if indoors.

Best bet is to keep shooting, changing settings, and learn what the camera does.

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