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Re: The latest rumors

jkrumm wrote:

Over at the rumor site it appears perhaps possible there will be a hybrid without need for an adapter. Kind of hard to imagine, but cool if true.

and of the two cameras related to the post, the Zeiss Icon had one mount within another, as it relates to us the 43rds mount would have to allow the m43rds mount to submarine within. Even if you could do that and still provide electrical connection, and recall every function of the lens needs this to work or no aperture, no AF, no proper EXIF etc. Assuming that is conquered the issue then becomes that most m43rds lenses have too wide a barrel to actually go inside a 43rds mount.

Not to give up so soon though.... as they also mention Contax AX, which accomplished AF with MF lenses by moving the film plane back and forth within the mirrorbox. Theres a youtube video of it in action here: Contax AF in action (youtube) You can see how something ostensibly quite complicated is so beautiful to watch in execution, and that out of cheap pressmetal parts. Nice one Contax..

Ok so putting it all together,
I think the electrical connection must happen with both types of lenses, and the mounts must be trimmed so that the m43rds mount fits within the 43rds mount, but the two must be situated very close together, perhaps they toggle out of each others way but both mounts need to be very close to the front surface of the camera. Then in order to make the correct backfocus the sensor entire shifts back and forth to make the correct register difference. AF happens in the normal way by using each lenses focussing apparatus, and the camera would be configured as a mirrorless with an EVF and on sensor AF.

an additional possibility might be tempting to over-complication, wobbling the sensor back and forth would provide for a form of pdAF from a pure cdAF system with pdAF software algorithms, I mentioned that before somewhere.
Post about sensor wobble for pdAF

But going back to our hybrid, if its true it would be quite an accomplishment, but I guess
....... it has to be true first, of that Im not so sure 

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