Testing the new LED100WA-56 Light with Bowens Softbox Mount

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Re: Thanks for the test....

Thanks Tom

Great video!!!

I am really interested how much light this LED device can really make.

Thanks for the measurement this 1,2m (4 feet) 1/100 F4 at ISO 800 does not seems to be a lot

If you can compare it to a normal 1000W or even an 500W halogen bulb that would be very-very interesting.

But please put the same light modifier on them.

The best would be some kind of soft light the reflectors are very unreliable as I experienced.

If you can put both into the same softbox or if that is not possible use some kind of umbrella and light it indirectly...

I have a feeling that the light output of the LED devices or strongly overrated. They would be the best light source for video but is the light output enough???



Tom Meeks wrote:

I have a light meter; but, all it gives me is the f-stop relative to shutter speed and ISO.  It does not give me lumens as far as I remember.  At about four feet the numbers are:


ISO 800


My Photoflex lights have been loaned out.  But, I remembered that we have am old style hot light that I believe has a 1000w bulb in it.  So, I'll try to get you a comparable reading tomorrow.

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