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Re: Question About OM-D for the OM-D Users

kcamacho11 wrote:

Greetings to all. I am actually using my brother's account here to get some feedback from some of you. I rather get it from here, as I am tired of asking the salesmen from a few camera shops which gave me short answers, trying to push me to finalize the purchase. He tells me he spends a lot of time here and thinks it's a great forum, where a lot of questions are always greatly answered.

Anyways, I have few questions which I am sure have been brought up before in this forum, but I cannot find the answer to them. Do not get me wrong, but I would just want some honest answers, and nothing biased. If I were asking these same questions in an NEX forum, I would ask for the same.

I am ditching my DSLR gear (tired of carrying it around) and I am switching to mirrorless.

My brother has an NEX-7, and his wife an NEX-6. He is trying to sway me towards the NEX-6 / 7 but I am willing to do some research first. The only other camera I have in mind aside from the NEX-6 or NEX-7 is the OM-D. I know when it comes to video, the NEX 6/7 are far better, but I never shoot video, so I could care less about that issue. No local camera stores have the OM-D in stock where I can go and try them out, so I wanted go get some input from OM-D users.

A few concerns I have:

- Image quality......I am aware the OM-D contains a smaller M43 sensor, as compared to the larger APS-C sensor. How is the overall image quality? Dynamic range? High ISO performance? Detail?
I guess my question is, does an OM-D with kit 12-50 lens compare in image quality as to the NEX-7 with kit lens? Or because of it having a smaller sensor, would I need to have some nice glass on the OM-D for it to match to the APS-C image quality, depth of field, etc?

Image quality is excellent in the hands of talented photographers. Any separation from NEX cameras depends on how much one is pushing the limits and/or how large they intend to print. I find them sufficiently close that it's lens choice, not camera choice, that makes the difference. The kit lenses are fine but you need to invest in faster zooms and/or some primes to capitalize on the camera's tremendous potential.

I shoot family/vacation and landscape photos with some low light as well.

Another reason I ask is because I have seen some photos of certain OM-D users around the internet (Flickr in particular), and some do not look right to me. In some pictures I saw of someone who took them on a cruise vacation, when he took pictures of his family in a certain distance (not close to him), the depth of field seemed pretty bad. The family looked a bit "Washed out" and it was hard to determine the depth of field between them and the cruise they were standing in front of (which seemed pretty far away). He was using the 14-150 lens, could it have been a bad copy????

Generally, a 10x zoom has a lot of tradeoffs, including being rather slow compared to primes and high-quality zooms. DOF is strictly an optics issue, and something like the 75/1.8 will render DOFs thin as a piece of cardboard, while the 14-150 can't. Proper exposure, of course, is up to the photographer so any washed out photos are simply user error.

- The grip of the OM-D? From looking at pictures, it seems a bit rather uncomfortable to firmly hold. The grip on the NEX 6 and 7 sure makes them rather easily to firmly hold and shoot away.

E-M5 is a small camera and especially for DSLR owners with larger hands, a dramatic change from what they're used to. Luckily, both Oly's and the aftermarket accessory grips give plenty of options. I'd only add a grip if I consistently shot with large lenses--otherwize I've become accustomed to the camera's shape and consider it a non-issue. The benefits of a very compact body are many.

- Low light photography. Does anyone have some photos they can upload or any links which show sample photos of night sceneries, or city skylines, or basically any low light photography in particular with long exposures? This is a big thing for me, and I would like to see how the OM-D holds up.

ISO 6400, correctly exposed, is quite usable paired with effective noise processing such as LR4. This is a remarkable leap from older Oly models. Only caveat is the Lumix 2-/1.7 generates banding at high ISOs for reasons nobody has quite figured out. Most lenses don't present this limitation (there are a gazillion threads, should you want to read up).

- The it really that bad as some say it is?

I hadn't heard the EVF is bad. NEX EVFs have higher resolution and may look better in comparison, but the E-M5 EVF is excellent for my needs, especially in dim conditions. I'm eager to see the new VF4, since it's probably going into the E-M5 replacement.

- If I want to shoot my pictures in 3:2 ratio instead of 4:3, would it still maintain 16MP in resolution? Or would the OM-D crop the image making it smaller in resolution, like 14MP for example?

Yes, it's a simple crop and takes a bite out of the native image. I never use in-camera cropping except for cameras with oversize sensors. Only the Panny GH2 offers this in µ4/3.

Any other input or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Only that µ4/3 and NEX are very different paths. If I were you I'd pick the system that offers the lenses you need and want. Any of the cameras will deliver the goods in skilled hands, and the number of folks hopping back and forth between the two systems is quite large with no advantage in either direction.

Thanks in advance!

There are no wrong choices, so happy shopping.



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