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Re: Question About OM-D for the OM-D Users

kcamacho11 wrote:

Greetings to all. I am actually using my brother's account here to get some feedback from some of you. I rather get it from here, as I am tired of asking the salesmen from a few camera shops which gave me short answers, trying to push me to finalize the purchase. He tells me he spends a lot of time here and thinks it's a great forum, where a lot of questions are always greatly answered.

Anyways, I have few questions which I am sure have been brought up before in this forum, but I cannot find the answer to them. Do not get me wrong, but I would just want some honest answers, and nothing biased. If I were asking these same questions in an NEX forum, I would ask for the same.

I am ditching my DSLR gear (tired of carrying it around) and I am switching to mirrorless.

My brother has an NEX-7, and his wife an NEX-6. He is trying to sway me towards the NEX-6 / 7 but I am willing to do some research first. The only other camera I have in mind aside from the NEX-6 or NEX-7 is the OM-D. I know when it comes to video, the NEX 6/7 are far better, but I never shoot video, so I could care less about that issue. No local camera stores have the OM-D in stock where I can go and try them out, so I wanted go get some input from OM-D users.

A few concerns I have:

- Image quality......I am aware the OM-D contains a smaller M43 sensor, as compared to the larger APS-C sensor. How is the overall image quality? Dynamic range? High ISO performance? Detail?
I guess my question is, does an OM-D with kit 12-50 lens compare in image quality as to the NEX-7 with kit lens? Or because of it having a smaller sensor, would I need to have some nice glass on the OM-D for it to match to the APS-C image quality, depth of field, etc?

the image quality is very good. On arr with my older FF camera (a Canon 5D classic). From what I read in the reviews, the Nex-7 will have more resolution in good light and will probably be better for landscape photography. From the DPreview review, the Nex-6 and E-M5 show more or less the same IQ and resolution. At high ISOs the Nex-7 is impaired by its high pixels density and becomes quite noisy. The Nex-6 should have about one stop advantage, but on the other hand there ar a lot of faster and sharp primes lenses for the MFT format and the 5axes IBIS does wonders, so you may end with the same perfrmances in reality.

The 12-50mm kitzoom is a jack of all trades. It is wider than most zooms save the Panasonic 12-35mm F2.8; it is also the longest of the standard zooms. It is a power zoom allowing smooth video. And it has an excellent macro position at 42mm. But it isn't extremely sharp. I have read good things about the 16-50mm on the Nex-6 and I'm not sure that the 12-50mm will be on the same level. But I have never had the occasion to compare. The 12-50mm is a little soft at the long end; it s at its best in the middle range.

What makes the E-M5 pictures sing of course are the nice primes !  The MFT format has a crop factor of two. So if you are after shallow DOF, you need a 2 stops faster aperture With respect to FF and 1 stop faster with respect to APSC and Nex. But if you are a landscape shooter, you will appreciate the deeper DOF. There are two fast Panasonic zooms readily available (12-35 F2.8 and 35-100 F2.8) but they are expensive. Olympus is also expected to isdue one later this year. Note that there are also a lot of fast primes which you don't have on Nex. The lenses will also remain smaller in general.

I shoot family/vacation and landscape photos with some low light as well.

Another reason I ask is because I have seen some photos of certain OM-D users around the internet (Flickr in particular), and some do not look right to me. In some pictures I saw of someone who took them on a cruise vacation, when he took pictures of his family in a certain distance (not close to him), the depth of field seemed pretty bad. The family looked a bit "Washed out" and it was hard to determine the depth of field between them and the cruise they were standing in front of (which seemed pretty far away). He was using the 14-150 lens, could it have been a bad copy????

You shouldn't focalize yourself on a single series of shots.. May be that he photographer wasn't that good ? The difference is only one stop (see above).

- The grip of the OM-D? From looking at pictures, it seems a bit rather uncomfortable to firmly hold. The grip on the NEX 6 and 7 sure makes them rather easily to firmly hold and shoot away.

The Nex grip makes for a very nice handling indeed. But the E-M5 works well too. The position of some buttons and wheels are more annoying for some. There is an Olympus two parts grip with second battery available and other third parties grips, should you find the handling awkward. Make sure to handle one before you decide.

- Low light photography. Does anyone have some photos they can upload or any links which show sample photos of night sceneries, or city skylines, or basically any low light photography in particular with long exposures? This is a big thing for me, and I would like to see how the OM-D holds up.

Make a search for "Bob Tullis" in this forum : he as pretty nice citylights shots of NewYork streets and bridges

- The it really that bad as some say it is?

who said it was bad ?  It is great; those who have tried both say it is  better than that of the Nex. It is brighter

- If I want to shoot my pictures in 3:2 ratio instead of 4:3, would it still maintain 16MP in resolution? Or would the OM-D crop the image making it smaller in resolution, like 14MP for example?

You have to crop the height. Only the GH2 camera had a true multi aspect ratio sensor. But 4:3 is really nice when you are using the portrait orientation. You won't notice the difference unless you print bigger than A2/A3

Any other input or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

The Olympus cameras offer better colors than the Nex. They offer the same DR as the Nex.

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