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Re: Because they are the same

davidib17 wrote:

I'm just questioning the logic that caused them to start out with a system that makes so little sense.

Face it. It makes sense to everyone but you. The logic has been explained to you multiple times in multiple different ways. You are apparently ignoring what has been presented to you and continue to insist that a given lens behaves differently on a DX camera than it does on an FX camera.

The lens of a given focal length does not behave differently on different cameras. It projects the same size image no matter what it's mounted on. Only the crop changes with different size sensors. The crop is not a characteristic of the lens.

If I shoot a photo with a full-frame camera and crop out an APS-C sized piece in Photoshop, does the focal length of the lens magically change????

Or are you just trolling to see if you can cause huge amounts of discussion regarding your apparent inability to understand a simple physical property like length?

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