how to clean a circular polarizer filter

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Re: how to clean a circular polarizer filter

What ever you do, don't use the common isopropyl alcohol usually available inexpensively in pharmacy departments. It's only 70% alcohol and the other 30% will leave a hazy residue. If you must use alcohol, go to a full-time pharmacy and ask the pharmacist for pharmaceutical grade isopropyl. If not available, try to find a local chemical supply company and ask them for reagent grade isopropyl. Both are 99+% alcohol, and they won't leave a residue.  Both are very good at cleaning, and the recommendation to use the lens cloths is a good one.

My experience with isopropyl began with cleaning optical components of laboratory instruments, and the only caution I recommend (strongly) is to confine the use to filters and to not use it on lenses. Alcohol is much thinner than water and will get into the smallest of spaces like around the edges of lens elements, thus allowing the alcohol into the interior of a lens. I don't know of anyone who has experience trouble from this, but I see no reason to risk it.  But it works fine on my filters if (and only if) I have to use a cleaning solvent to get something off the filter.

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