Tilt and shift lens with adaptor using XP1

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Re: Tilt and shift lens with adaptor using XP1

Some more playing with the Kipon Tilt&Shift adapter, this time for product photography (just a box I had lying around), combined with X-Pro1 and Nikon 35mm f/2.0D lens. Camera on a solid tripod with 3-way head, bubble level in the hotshoe, using a cable release and a 2 sec self-timer setting. Manual (of course!) focus on LCD using 3x/10x magnification.

First straightforward, no tilt nor shift, f/5.6:

Then 8 mm downward shift (and recomposed), still no tilt, f/5.6:

Finally adding 5.5 degrees tilt towards the right side panel (and recomposed), f/5.6:

Note that the tilt introduces a change in perspective, from the need to recompose horizontally: a 'real' view camera could compensate this with some swing (= horizontal tilt) to keep the film/sensor in exactly the same spot.

Also note the lower sharpness towards the end of the left panel, that now lies outside the plane of focus.

An almost perfect correction for perspective through shift may cause the image to look less than natural. A more realistic shot would leave in some minor convergence (less shift), and perhaps go to f/11 for maximum DOF (f/16 bringing us into diffraction effects...):

5 mm downwards shift and slightly downwards orientation, 5.5 degrees tilt towards the right side panel, f/11:

The Kipon T&S adapter obviously will not bring you all the benefits of a true tilt and shift lens. Beyond the optical limitations from using a 'normal' full-frame lens with the adapter, there is less easy and less precise control over the tilt and shift amounts, especially when fine-tuning the settings by going back and forth.

Also, the Fuji user interface could do be much more friendly for moving the (enlarged) focus area with magnification enabled - a lot of button pushing now! The changes introduced with the X100s only bring a part of the solution. And the self timer settings should 'survive' a power down... Perhaps with a future firmware update?

But: still a lot of fun to experiment in the home studio!

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