D600 price drop soon. Also to be replaced by new D600S model

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Re: D600 price drop soon. Also to be replaced by new D600S model

Antony John wrote:

lock wrote:

I can point you to a forum where you will find over 2500 posts about this topic. Not only recent purchases but also recently fixed d600 are still struck by dust and oil. Exchanging shutter may work in some cases but not in all.

So where is the oil originating from then?

Mirror frame was mentioned before.

The fact that even May purchases with recent serial number show problems tells you how well Nikon has solved the problem during manufactoring.

But Nikonfan also bought one recently. You can find his experience in this forum.


Many posts were originated from the same people. How many 'unique' cases are there?

On this firum, it does not suprise me at all. But elsewhere the reports are from new users.

There are no reliable statistics.

True. This accounts for the proportion of d600 without problems as well. However, it may be expected that if issues increase from series to series, so will the number of reports about these issues on any forum.

I (and many others) don't have the problem. How is that explained?

Nobody said all D600 are bad. But I suspect a substantial number of users simply do not know. And some do not want know, others simply clean it without being bothered with it.

I can only judge on my sample - that's reality. The fact is not all D600's show the problem.

No manufacture worth his salt will allow an issue that is significant to continue - and it's not a major problem to fix.

Unless you do nit have a real fix...

The Japanese are very 'honour bound'.  I doubt the 'cost accountants' come into play here - trying to remember those renowned cases where a (US) car was found to explode on rear-end collisions where it was decided that paying out death claims was cheaper than affecting after-market repairs - maybe someone can help?

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