Epson 3800 skewed output (?)

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Re: Epson 3800 skewed output (?)

It goes without saying that it shouldn't be happening.  And, you probably have enough suggestions here to solve your problem.  And, 8.5 x 11 the most standard paper my suggestion is probably not relevant here.......but......for others having end-of-paper anomalies.....

As I am usually printing sheets cut off rolls....I have complete freedom to cut any extra length....for any reason.  The end-of-paper...end-of-printing routine, depending on the printer...can have some problems.  The one I have encountered usually involve head strikes or ink staining.  It is always best to get the problem solved especially if it involves debris or dirty/slick rollers, etc..  BUT...since I have the image on the computer and I am on a roll...printing-wise....and don't want to break to tear the printer apart...the fast get-a-print-right-now-and fix-problem-later solution is to cut the paper LONG, If necessary, set the picture up on an extra canvas length with the excess at the bottom (last to be printed).  That way the picture printing finishes while there is several inches of extra paper inside the rollers...a configuration that was working fine for the whole length of the print, and if there are problems as the last of the paper clears the printer....they get trimmed off with the excess paper.

Then I can concentrate of fixing the problem when I don't have a printing job waiting to get done.

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