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David, you really should try :-)

davidib17 wrote:

Right. But it the 35mm DX prime can never actually be a 35mm lens.

1. On the contrary, it always remains a 35 mm lens no matter how you use it

2. The Nikon DX 35/1.8 actually works just fine on FX cameras (I use it very often on my D3), so it was also a particularly bad choice as a example

It makes no sense to even bother labeling it with something that has nothing to do with it in actuallity.

The do indeed label it with precisely something (the focal length) that has everything to do with its behaviour in different situations (like mounted on different cameras).

The focal length is a property of the lens itself, which is exactly why lenses are labelled with their focal length. Then if you choose to crop the image (either in post processing or by using a smaller sensor) to produce a different angle of view in the resulting image, that is a choice you make, but the focal length remains the same no matter what.

With your logic every FX lens need to be re-labeled every time it happens to be used on a APS-C camera. That does make no sense whatsoever.

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