What do you load on to SSD?

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Re: SSD question related to Lightroom

BrianPriceUK wrote:


The 'secret' is to set the Import dialog to 'Render Previews 1:1', the previews will be done when importing. This takes the same amount of time and extends import time considerably, but it lets you work without the waiting time you have now. You can create 1:1 previews for files already imported using Library>Previews, and you can set it to discard the previews after a pre-set time in Edit>Catalog Settings.


Thank you Brian. Is there any issue with needing more computer memory (I have 8 gb ram) if you import 200 36gb D800 files at once? I guess I'm still confused as to where the photos themselves are located while working on them in LR. Thanks again.


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