Nikon lens turbo on Nex 6

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Re: I spoke too soon

I just tested it outside at night photographing the night sky. Oops. No good. It shows massive coma in the left hand side of the image and the right side coma is bad. This is on a lens I know does not exhibit coma (Nikon 14-24mm at F2.8). The centre part of the image seems ok.

I tried another lens which is a known performer - my Samyang 24mm F1.4 I tried it at F4, F5.6 and F8. All showed coma and it was getting less at F8 but of course F8 is useless for night sky photography.

So the Lens Turbo (or at least my copy) adds massive distortion to the image. Coma.

I'll be sending mine back for a refund it is useless for me. I wonder how the Metabones performs? Perhaps it works. I'm sceptical now. I have seen this on telescopes. Reducers often cause coma in the corners. The corrected circle of light is very small.


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