Water drops after the rain..

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Re: Water drops after the rain..

nfpotter wrote:

Herve5 wrote:

Very impressed by the lighting. Did you find the subject like this, or did you somehow "create" the dark background?

My guess is that the use of a small aperture and maybe also lowering flash power was what created the dark backgrounds.  Looks like some vignetting was applied in post.

Nice shots, OP!

Edit: looks like they were shot at f/5, so I guess not exactly a "small" aperture.

Thank you for the comments.

I did take those shoot after sunset where the light was a little dim.

I did use external flash (manual setting) pointed at the object from the side, the overly all image had dark corners after i did crop the image I did apply some vignetting and did lower the highlights a little in Lightroom.

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