What Olympus actually promised:

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Re: High Angst always precedes the typical 3-4 year upgrade.

A crisis of confidence is a very apt description, and  really where I am at this time. An early adopter into the E System, an at this time with very little to look at as far a product goes. This was the last thing I would have guessed or would have happened. With the very strong and impressive showing when the E-1 came out with a great selection of lens, cutting edge features and design that was so far ahead of the market that I just could not see it ever being in the place it is in now.

Now before those that will call this/me doom and gloom here are the facts. The Oly rep that services Southern California or possibility a larger area no longer even has an E-5 to bring to the shows or rep days at the camera stores. The last a few weeks ago here in Los Angeles (a world media capital) the rep did not even bring one E-Series lens. When looking at the Nikon, Canon, and Sony tables where there is a full line of several different bodies and systems I have to ask myself what happened, how did this happen. Do I have a loss of confidence, having gone through 3-4 years of waiting between E bodies.

I was looking for a small point and shoot tough camera, normally I would have just gotten the latest from Oly, (which they recently introduce). Although not a bad camera and a good feature set, it's back panel is a mess. Along with that and other factors that were exclusive to my use, I chose differently. There was a time I would not have even compared. I hope for the best, the E-5 just did not WOW me, so I am hoping what ever is next will once again instill confidence. This thread title is What Olympus actually promised, well back in 2004 they promised something different than where the product line is now.

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