Where is Panasonic GX2?

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Re: Where is Panasonic GX2?

AllMankind wrote:

eternity0022 wrote:

I did buy the GX1 after all the positive reviews, but coming from a Canon 550D, I found the menus to be confusing, not confusing as in not understanding what they were for but not much organized, would take me some time to find something and by then I had missed the perfect shot.

I'm selling mine and hoping that GX2 comes with a built in EVF (once you go viewfinder, you never go back!), a better and more responsive touch screen and hopefully more organized menus.

If you think the GX1 menus are disorganized, you had better not pick up an NEX.  

I think GX1 has the best User Interface and Menu system vs OMD and NEX

GX2 would be perfect if it has EVF and IBIS!

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