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Re: High Angst always precedes the typical 3-4 year upgrade.

well, well, I guess the motto here merge, but I say the real mantra behind this is that of a crisis of confidence. Simply put there is little faith in and among that see Olympus WILL be delivering us a for real E-5 replacement as in classic DSLR ( the SLR part ). Its logical to deduce that the solution will come in an M4/3 format ( or that elusive rumored hybrid which I do not see why its needed vs the already available adapters unless there is great advantage over the combo )

And I do not think the E-M6 is the answer, just as the E-M5 , despite its performance as a capturing platform goes, just do not have the build and the design as mean for the E-5 users would demand ( well not all E-5 users, but plenty ) and even Olympus themselves admitting that and are voicing of a body that will do justice to the SHG lens.

The dilemma with Olympus these days is how to actually able to migrate the customers to this new system. And basically that lies pretty much with 3 key areas.

  • Compatibility of old gears, mostly the AF, now if they can solve the AF issue with M4/3 with 4/3 lens, without altering the 4/3 hardware. Then its all about providing a platform and the adapters which is already here
  • the M4/3 platform, now while I applaud what Olympus had done with the E-M5, I must say it simply do not compare with the like of E-5, not even the E-30. Its more like an ( a bit ) upmarket E620. Or more likely I should say kind of like Pentax's K-30. Its got the bells and whistles but still its not build the way the demanding ones demands. The school of lightweight and compactness over anything simply do not observe here. In fact after handling the GH3 vs that of the E-M5, I must say the GH3 is more E-X like than the Oly
  • the M4/3 system itself. the 4/3 came to be as a system , with some variety in its depth and lineup, but the M4/3 had been too oriented towards the compactness and lightweight over anything else approach and thus its suffering a lack of providence in other sector what customer might demand and this need to be rectified. 

So for real, while there is indeed angst over the matter, that is secondary compared to that crisis of confidence. Let's just say , this is an open market, and if customer feels insecure about this, its just a sentiment that reflect the whole. Its for the Mfr to fix their own

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