OM-D E-M5 vs E-5 (build quality)

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Re: Without Mincing Words

Great Bustard wrote:

John Byrne wrote:

you know of the kind "He said", "I said", that goes on here almost ad infinitum.

I have viewed the images referred to here by John King and after personally seeing the prints both before and after them being mounted behind glass there is to my eye no discernible differences in resolution between any of them. When viewed using a magnifying glass there are some minor visible differences but really not to the extent that most would find detracting in any way.



Excellent.  Since JK said:

I defy anyone to tell the difference with the naked eye between the printed images I have taken with my "antique" 5MP E-1 and those taken with my 10 MP E-510 or 12 MP E-30.

I will pose the same question to you I posed to JK:

So, just to make sure, you are saying that the reason to choose one system over another is for operation, not IQ, except for extreme situations.  Do I have that right?


So, if I may ask, what constitutes "extreme situations"?  Low light?  If so, how low?  Large prints?  Other?

What say you?

NOTHING, except the following,

I am not here to argue with you or anyone else for that matter.

I simply agree that viewing the particular photographs referred to that I too cannot with my eye see any discernible differences, but can see minor ones when using a magnifying glass--pretty simple and straightforward, not interested in creating any "to and fro" dialogue here for the purpose of discord.



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