What do you load on to SSD?

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Here's a way of thinking about it...

SSD's have amazing read times, which is why people prefer to use them as their boot volume as well as for loading apps. Write is often just as fast, but there's a small disadvantage there. It takes a long time to generate big problems from this, but the general disadvantage to an SSD is that write (and by extent, delete, which is really just another form of a write) operations are what slowly degrade the SSD over time. NAND cells eventually become inoperable, and some SSD's even have built-in backup NAND cells that kick in once one of the cells becomes too slow or unusable. HDD's, on the other hand, aren't liable to that limitation, and the only thing which generally makes them degrade is all that constant spinning they do. That, and being mechanical in nature they're more susceptable to physical damage.

Thus, SSD's are generally better as an all-around solution to mobile computers (less susceptible to physical damage, faster, lighter, requires less power), but in a desktop you get the most reliable configuration putting all of the stuff the computer reads from on the SSD (boot & apps) and all of the places it commonly needs to write to often on the HDD (pagefile/swap, temporary files, data). As far as photography and videography goes, you're going to get a performance bump writing to the SSD for current projects, but once you're done with what you're doing they should get moved over to the HDD. Then you set up a second HDD for backup, and you're all set.

What's interesting lately is hybrid drives, which attempts to figure all of this out for you without your intervention, but you have to be using a relatively modern OS to take full advantage of these. They are actually two drives in one unit, with the SSD portion being about 10% of the size of the HDD portion.

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