Coming Back Again to the FZ200

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Re: Coming Back Again to the FZ200

GeraldW wrote:

Some of you will recognize that I've previously had an FZ200 and FZ150 and sold off the FZ200 in favor of the FZ150.  Why?  In daylight, the FZ150 takes better pictures.  However...

...this afternoon a there was this squirrel, posing in a big old oak.  So, I wen6t and got my FZ150 and took some shots of him.  Plenty of zoom; but a storm was coming in, and the area was heavily wooded, and at ISO 800, the shutter speed was 1/25.  I got three out of seven decent shots; but two were spoiled by the squirrels movements, and two more were spoiled by me.  It drove home the benefits of the FZ200's f/2.8 lens.

And so, I now have another FZ200 on order.

In my comparisons of the two cameras (FZ150 and FZ200), I forgot something important.  You buy these things for the long lens.  Yes, they do have wider focal lengths, and hot shoes; but I have several other cameras that can do that, and they do it better.  The FZ's are in my inventory because they have long lenses.  And to make those long lenses maximally useful; they need the bigger aperture - otherwise, it's a bright light only camera.

The other question you might be asking is why buy now?  There may be a new and better FZ coming.  That's true; but I'm guessing it will be slower and longer.  There's also the possibility of Panasonic getting out of the fixed lens business.  Rumors abound after Panasonic's CEO's comments.  The fact is, they need to do something after losing $8 Billion USD last year.  So, I went witrh the certainty instead of the unknown.  And I know well the ins and outs of the FZ200.

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I'm afraid you might be right about a new FZ250 having a longer and slower lens, basically spoiling a great camera. I'm sure it will have some nifty new bells and whistles, and maybe even a rubber eye cup finally, but I'm not confident it will be any better, picture-wise, as the FZ200. I think you made the right decision to pick one up now and maybe this new one will be even better in IQ then your previous one. I say this because I have both an FZ150 and an FZ200 and I see no significant difference between the two cameras. I think the FZ200 is such a fine camera that I don't plan on upgrading anytime soon. I should sell my FZ150 but it is such a great backup camera.

Welcome back to the FZ200 club.


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