1920x1080 on a 17.3 monitor - justified ?

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Re: 1920x1080 on a 17.3 monitor - justified ?

jubilatu may have been thinking about bit depth issues.  The vast majority of GPU/video cards only offer an 8bit path to the monitor.  A handful of video cards offer a true 10bit path to the external monitor (using Displayport to connect).

That is correct. I was going on too little sleep, so I blame that. 10 bit support in laptop GPU's is something I have never seen, but of course 8 bit wide gamut will work without issues. Even if Windows is really, really stupid about colorspaces.

The only other point to watch for is that you have a "Displayport" or "Dual Link DVI" port on the laptop to connect to the 2560x1440 27" as you need a high bandwidth connection for this resolution.  Analog VGA is not good enough and HDMI, while technically capable in theory, has not worked for some people.

I agree on this. Get a laptop with Displayport. Nothing else is worth the hassle.


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