Why I chose 6D over D600

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Re: Why I chose 6D over D600

socal4142 wrote:

First post here in the forum, hopefully I'll be around for a long time to come.

Ordered a Canon 6D today, upgrading from my Sony Alpha A57. My primary uses (and this is an odd combination, I know) are corporate video and personal portraits (with some lesser use for landscapes).

5D III, D800, and A99 were all out of my price range, since I had to save some $ for lenses too.

I went through all the reviews, etc. the same miserable process we've all experienced. I thought it might be of value to someone else if I shared why I ended up with 6D over D600:

  • I really am someone who will use the low-light ISO, especially for portraits since I have to shoot natural light almost exclusively. I've had a some cameras that could take great pictures (Pentax K-x, Sony NEX C3, etc.), but I've always been frustrated that I could not push comfortably beyond ISO 800. 
  • Affordable lenses in the full-frame focal lengths I needed (better than Nikon for me). Even affordable used L-series lenses. 
  • More inexpensive MF lens options, including the very affordable non-ai Nikkors. 
  • The option of the L 1.2 lenses (at least for rental). 
  • The Canon world has a better video reputation, more resources available, and the possibility of Magic Lantern on the 6D someday is a nice thought. 
  • There is a clear video upgrade route to the EOS C100. No such thing with Nikon. 
  • Slight size / weight advantage of the 6D. The smaller the camera, the more willing I am to take it out with me.  

That's all theory right now, until it arrives. Then we'll see what the reality is!

Thanks for letting me jump on board.


Your post is familiar to me... I'm contemplating getting back (2 years ago, I switched from the 5d2 (and Canon system stuff) into Canon with the 6D. Like you, mine is an odd combination: wedding videos, non-profit videos, interviews (hence the switch to the Sony's superior video implementation) with wedding Stills, Events, Landscapes and portraits.

I looked at both the 6D and the Nikon D600. In deciding which way to go, I listened to the wedding studio owner I shoot for, who is himself a very accomplished and in-demand shooter, and who shoots with both Canon and Nikon systems with every premium lens you can think of (he sometimes has to lend lenses to his shooters, both Nikon and Canon shooters), who has decided that within a year, he will trade in ALL his Nikon gear and concentrate solely on Canon.


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