Why I chose 6D over D600

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Re: Why I chose 6D over D600

Quick follow up - got my 6D this afternoon and just spent my first hour with it. First thoughts, on the positive side:

  • The depth of field improvement (over APS-C) is just what I was looking for. Even with the cheap 50mm 1.8, bokeh is smooth and beautiful. 
  • It really does see in the dark. I can't believe what I can do at ISO 12800. 
  • Not only are the high ISO shots much cleaner to begin with, but the RAW files clean up much better in LR compared to the Sony A57. I.e., the A57 ISO 800 noise is probably similar to the Canon 6D ISO 6400 noise, but the Sony does funky stuff when you apply LR noise reduction, and the Canon just cleans up so smoothly. It's beautiful. 
  • The video quality is - as I'd heard everyone say - just different. It's hard to put a finger on it, but my very first video out of the camera blew me away with how much "better" it looked - more cinematic, less digital. Sweet. 

On the not-so-positive side:

  • Coming from a world of SLTs and mirrorless, it's going to take a while to get used to a true DSLR again. I've got a bunch to (re)learn. 
  • Again my most recent experiences with small and light cameras have set me up for trouble - I need to start doing some hand and wrist exercises. The 6D may be small and light for a FF DSLR, but it's still heavy with anything other than the 50mm 1.8 on it. The 6D body + 70-200 f/4L wore me out in just a few minutes of carrying it around.
  • That button in the middle of the mode dial is bothersome. 
  • My Vello Nikon to EF adapter works on my AI lens, but not on my non-AI lens. I was under the impression that it would work on both. 

Overall, I'm very pleased!


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