Happily switched from Aperture to Lightroom?

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Re: Non-linear workflow

Jacques Cornell wrote:

With Aperture, all tools are available at all times.

For new users, this may seem less intuitive, because Aperture's not pushing you down a linear path by imposing a particular workflow. But, the flip side is that you can use it the way you want to work.

Couldn't agree more. I just switched to LR because of RAW conversion quality on Canon files, camera calibration capability with ColorChecker Passport, and sharpening/de-noising/lens corrections. However, the interface is way too restricting compared to Aperture. I feel like having been chained up. Terrible.

In fact despite I also paid some amount for an additional plug-in I'm still daily looking for news regarding a possible upcoming new Aperture version. With the UI of Lightroom remaining essentially unchanged in version 5, I'd switch back to Aperture any day if only the above issues would be fixed/implemented and one could know that development continues.

Btw. Capture One 7 deserves to be mentioned. Its interface is more similar to Aperture than to LR. However, the lack of hierarchical keywording inside the program kept me from further considering it, although it could be used together with Media Pro that has very robust hierarchical keywording and other DAM functionality.

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