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Re: Because they are the same

Actually a 50mm lens on a DX camera and a 50mm lens on an FX camera have the same OPTICAL FOCAL LENGTH.

What changes is the FIELD OF VIEW.

Things would be a lot easier if we labelled lenses by their FIELD OF VIEW.

So a standard lens would have a field of view between 45 degrees (43mm FX, 28mm DX) and 36 degrees (55mm FX, 35mm DX).

A portrait lens would have a field of view between 24 degrees (85mm FX, 55mm DX) and 15 degrees (135mm FX, 90mm DX).

You want wide angle then you will want a lens with a field of view between 65 degrees (28mm FX, 18mm DX) to 48 degrees (40mm FX 26mm DX).

Ultra wide angle between 100 degrees (15mm FX, 11mm DX) and 74 degrees (24mm FX, 16mm DX).

A lot of our problems would go away if we specified lenses by thier field of view.

You would still have issues if you put a lens designed for a larger sensor on a camera with a smaller sensor, because the smaller sensor would CROP the field of view of the lens designed for a larger sensor.  So we could be cropping FIELD OF VIEW and not cropping FOCAL LENGTH.



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