Testing the new LED100WA-56 Light with Bowens Softbox Mount

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Re: Color Patch Visual Comparisons between LED 100WA-56 and Strobe 5600K

Tom - thank you very much for taking the time to do this test.  Did you use both the instrument in open face?  I think you answered some basic color questions.  Where color perception is so subjective, from what I see for my needs is that I could safely use several LED panels for gentle fill for part of a wall, cabinets, faces of furniture, dark hallway, etc in architectural interior still photography which often is a combination of many light temps.  Where I have been merging a strobe shot with available light exposures, I think the daylight color of the LEDs could be convincingly warmed where needed without getting into odd color contamination. And the LEDs are much more convenient. Now if you were trying to shoot a furniture catalog, where fabrics had to be color correct, that may present some problems.

The power output differences you noted are great though when thinking to use them as principle instruments for stills.  Although, you could gang two on a stand and shoot through or bounce. And as you said, for video it's not such a problem though.

The LED head you purchased has the best potential for light shaping vs. a flat panel as far as I can tell at this point.  Would like to see its light quality from bounce and shoot through diffusion.  And I would try to push it through a fresnel lens rigged out on the head.  I love light from fresnels.

Thanks again.

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