What Olympus actually promised:

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Re: Anyone else did?

Forgottenbutnotgone wrote:

pris wrote:

Forgottenbutnotgone wrote:

pris wrote:

Craig from Nevada wrote:

They certainly didn't commit the company to build a DSLR forever.

I am sorry, is that supposed to be a some kind of beef with them? Please show a statement from any other camera manufacturer stating "We hereby assure you that we are going to offer DSLR forever and ever, as long as Earth is tracing its orbit around Sun."

For someone so quick to accuse others of being disingenuous, you surely have no problem being blind to your own inconsistencies of thought.

I was wondering where my stalker was. There you are, and immediately starting with personal attack. That alone excludes any possibility of our further exchange, because, you know - we've been over this before, never ended well.

What personal attack? If nothing in the post in red below (one example) was a personal attack on rovingtim, surely nothing I said to you is.

pris (so eloquently and non personal attackingly) wrote:


- because of all possible interpretations of events you pick the most negative one;
- because you go to any lengths to hammer everyone to death with endless repetition of your interpretation

- because of the lengths to which you go to disparage the camera you "detest" (your word). Remember nonsense claims like "every E-5 image is full of artifacts?"Or blowing image up to 700% to find a flaw? Or making a huge deal out of non-existing issue with moire - thread after thread, an issue that never was mentioned by anyone else ever since? Or ranting about thin AA filter, which was since then adopted by other brands?

You've opened the floor up for discussion of people rather than equipment, I just chose a different person than you did. My post is relevant to your topic. Surely you can't have a problem with that. You've accused rovingtim of several things, after which you prodded him to answer your question:

"Also, why don't you answer the question about what it is you actually expect, asked up the thread?"

Well, how about you not being hypocritical and obliging me in the same fashion.

I plainly asked you several questions. I think these would be them:

" Never mind promising to manufacture DSLRs for "as long as Earth is tracing its orbit around the Sun, why don't you please show another MAJOR DSLR manufacturer that given so much indication that they might STOP bulding DSLR's NOW, that they felt it necessary to make a public statement saying otherwise. Point out another current manufacturer who's actions have caused enough doubt in so many of their previously loyal following that their most expensive lenses are suddenly flooding the used markets at such unheard of prices. How about pointing out another current manufacturer of DSLR bodies and lenses that a such a large majority of people can't PURCHASE EXCEPT online."

You so ingenuously failed to respond to them, bravely choosing instead to cut them out of your reply while gallantly hiding behind the claim of being persecuted in a fashion you have no problem inflicting upon anyone else in this thread.

Leica did

Leica made a statement that they due to contractual difficulties with a major supplier they could not continue to develop or service the Digital Module R, and as a result in 2007 R9 was to be cancelled, the DMR was to be no more. Public outrage went so far as to necessitate public meetings over reassurances over Leica. Where in 2009 'R' users were promised an 'adequate replacement'.

Soon convincing images purported to be leaked views of a digital R10 were floating around the net, and murky images of scurrying photographers said to be in possession of R10 prototypes were passed around forums. Yet as this information reached a crescendo in 2010 it was announced that R10 wasnt to be, the R mount seemed dead.

Now an an 'adequate replacement' had to mean something else than an R SLR,
In the inner circle it became known as the 'R solution'
everybody wanted to be in the inner circle.....

Kaufmann had decided they wouldnt be joining m43rds, and the Panasonic relationship began to get shaky as Lumix G lenses were released without the usual Leica licensing approval. This was said to be over the Panasonic 7-14 incamera distortion removal. Yet somehow rumours surfaced that Leica was in trouble and Panasonic was said to be a potential buyer. Leica is not a publicly listed company so their actual financial providence doesnt have to be declared. Nobody knew where they stood. Worse yet,nobody knew were Leica stood.

Solms had already announced the advanced, the bigger than FF Leica S2 camera and people marvelled at resolution solid enough to make a D800 user hide his rig from his byline. Ideas were still being fielded for a hybrid R (now assumed to be a liveview M8/9 since m43rds was off the table). People over at the LUF expressed continued displeasure over the notion of using an EVF, by now assumed to be a part of the R solution, whatever that was.

To this day the R solution hasnt surfaced, but it is discussed still by know tech representatives of Leica.

The forum was bombarded by Canon and Nikon trolls armed with 'I told you so' pennants, they told them Leica was dead, that the continued mess that was the R demonstrated Leica's executive inability to run a camera company. They raised suspicion over Leica's finances, they gybed at Leica's inability to make percentage on Japanese statistical data. They compared DxO data with lowly Canon cameras. They made jokes about fonecams. They suggested corruption and deceit. Leica was said to play their cards close to their chest. Fingers were pointed at Leica marketing, blame was associated to the crippled Kodak, former users returned to curse one time friends. Her Kaufmann, at one time the saviour of Leica AG was condemned as a fool and a scavenger.

There were daily barrages, constant sniper attacks, Christmas truces, mass breakouts. It was cold freezing hand to hand combat.

It was no longer a forum, it was Stalingrad.


they are still there....

And as a show of good faith, even though you ignored mine. I'll answer yours first.

I consider demands on me to wait 3 years for an E-5 update quite reasonable. But demands on you are obviously too high, so you are still here why??

Because at this point, for ME it is the most viable alternative. I've invested in lenses that I happen to like the performance of, and that at this point deserve a body of commensurate performance. I expect the demonstration of good faith I made when buying into Olympus' 4/3's mantra to be reciprocated in their timely support of the product I bought.

Ok, as in all of our previous exchanges, I've taken the time to answer you. How about you being a big boy and doing the same?


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