Did Nikon screw up?

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Re: Did Nikon screw up?

jacobwhite wrote:

Is it worth doing the switch and spending at least 10000 on camera and glass? Nikon seemed to be getting it right with the d700/d3 duo - but now I'm not so sure...

I'm thinking long term and it seems that Canon has been more reliable for professional needs over all...

Am I the only one feeling this way?
Am I wrong?

As a D700 user requiring an update, I somehow feel screwed...

1. Switch to Canon and buy a 5DIII (too expensive to switch; what to do with all that glass)? 
2. Buy a D800 - from what I can see it seems that compared to the 5D, the D800 seems comparable on paper - but unless I'm totally wrong it seems in reality its auto-focusing is slower, file sizes annoyingly huge at lesser image quality, in particular colours and noise, and slower.
3. Buy a D600, which is a step backwards in most things except the sensor, and size. It could almost work, if it wasn't for the ridiculous AF area - all crammed in the middle, whaaaat??? And its AF speed is sloooow!
4. Buy a D4, which is heavier, bulkier, and too expensive. I'd go for this option if it wasn't so bulky, if at least I could get it without the battery grip - I never got the use of the battery grip. Changing a battery isn't that much of a problem that it would mean that the grip absolutely needs to be built-in!

Somehow the D800 is a lesser camera than the D700 - as a D700 shooter I find myself stuck with unpleasing choices

I feel your pain. I simply cannot afford a D4, thus I sent D700 off to get shutter and hot shoe replacement and now am waiting patiently for its return. I have tried D600. too small for my hands. Ergonomics mean a whole lot when shooting all day at an event. The D4 is sweet but i cannot handle the price. The D800 sucks apples. Too big of file size. I love the D600 Sensor however. So F*ck it, I'm not switching, I'll just wait it out and enjoy my refurbished D700. Not gonna bitch and moan anymore. it is what it is. I suspect Nikon will update the D700 when D4 sales slump and D4S or D4X takes center stage. I just hope the D700 replacement had a 24MP sensor

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