When size matters (D800 pixel count)

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Reilly Diefenbach
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Re: "same framing"?

JimPearce wrote:

Oops! That causes a world of trouble. To get the same framing as my 500 f4 & TC-14E with the D7100 you'll need a 600 f4 & TC-17E or the new 800 f5.6 & TC-125E on a D800/E.

Yes, I'm hiring a bearer for my rented 600VR to get the same framing you get while tripping the light fantastic with your 500VR :^)

Anyway, I agree with you that the D7100 requires ETTR, very sharp focus and careful processing to get close to the same results. But I'm not sure I'm seeing much difference between ISO 400 and ISO 800, and that was what I was really questioning.

I'll revise and defer to someone who knows bird shooting and actually has the camera!

P.S. To be fair to the D7100 I think you should be looking at shots from Anton, Humanoid  and me - not the enthusiasts here who really don't know what a compression artifact is.

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