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davidib17 wrote:

I was talking about what the image actually comes out to look like, not what the focal length of the lens is. Of course a DX 35mm is an actual 35mm, but that isn't practical or useful information at all. Who cares what the focal length is if the picture that it takes is no where near that?

I care about the focal length because it's a property of the lens and doesn't change based on what's behind it.  The lens creates the same image, the sensor just sees a different part of it and the DX sensor projects a slightly smaller circle.  Your 35mm DX lens will still work on an FX sensor, in FX mode, with only a little vignetting, if you stop it down a bit.

Some people shoot on multiple size sensors or have a mix of FX and DX lenses; they are smart enough to know that 35mm is "normal" on the DX sensor and 50mm is "normal" on the FX sensor. I shoot in several format on film and digital, it's really not that tough; start to learn and think of AOV instead of the FL of the lens.  As another poster already noted, all you really need to remember is what FL are wide/normal/tele.  If you don't shoot FX, it doesn't even matter, all  you'll need to remember is what the appropriate FL are for the sensor that you use; if you can multiply by 1.5 and 2 (or 2.7), you're all set.

Do you understand what a pita it would be if i have to think about whether the lens i'm using is DX or FX and then think about how they labeled it VS what actual FL i want?  Whatever camera I'm shooting, I know what real FL i want.  I have two lenses in my bag, a 50mm FX lens and a 35mm DX but you're proposing to label them both as 50mm and they definitely don't give the same AOV when placed on my D7100.

Nobody labels lenses like you want because it's wrong and it would lead to nothing but confusion.

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