DP3M vs NEX 7

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Re: Quick and dirty comparison

forpetesake, Nick stated he did nothing but do a auto conversion which explains the slight over sharpening (something many of us turn down in custom) and the blown highlights (which many again intentionally do at the time of exposure and then correct in the custom processing). Contrasty I don't see (to me the Nex has more contrast and would if normally processed in aperture) but then a again I turn my contrast up a tenth or two in SPP usually as I reduce the exposure setting.

More resolution in the NEX .... I don't see that at all but many things effect how that is seen both objective and subjective along with the presentation on the web. I will say without question in print or on my desktop from my own images nothing I own or have owned in film or digital comes even close to the IQ and resolution I achieve out of the DP2m images and my post processing workflow. There are plenty of areas that one could throw stones at these little cameras and sensors for but resolution (as needed for scenics) definitely is not one of them.

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