DP3M vs NEX 7

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Re: Quick and dirty comparison

It's easy to see on 100% crop that Sigma shot is strongly oversharpened, there are artifacts all over the place. Sigma shoot is also overly contrasty with blown highlights. Sony seems to be resolving a tad more, but once you resize to the screen size that becomes irrelevant.

nick_webster wrote:

I posted these as a response to a subthread but it might get buried so here is a repost of the crops from yesterday

DP3M crop

NEX 7 crop

Ignore the colour difference, neither is right but for detail purposes I don't think it matters.

Both shot at 50mm f5.6.

The lens on the NEX was a Contax 50 f1.4 stopped down as mentioned to f5.6.

I prefer the look of the DP shot, but I'm not seeing the large differences others are. Anyway you can make your own minds up


PS DPRs galleries tend to soften jpgs but both are softened so it's still fair

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