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Re: Something I know about the Mini M...

meagre offerings wrote:

docvale wrote:

Leica is like Ferrari, or some super high-end audio companies: little production numbers, no-compromise concept, all numbers sold at the release on the market.

Other companies go for different strategies. Keeping the parallel with high-performance audio (another big passion of mine), I can state that if Panasonic would have produced nowadays for the first time the legendary Technics SL-1200 (a rather affordable turntable) it would have not sold at <$1k (such as just before being discontinued) but probably at 5x that price. But Panasonic made a design with an R&D investment that was predicted to be covered by millions of sales. And that is what has occurred: I'm speaking about the very best seller of the entire history of audio.

The main difference is between niche vs mass market. Leica belongs to the former group, and that is intrinsic to its nature. An affordable Leica is an oxymoron: they might gain some sales, but they would loose their niche-status and, with that, a chunk of customers.

an affordable leica isnt a oxymoron, its a certified market winner if it was what the market lacked.

lt would only gain customers, probably many many more than they have now, yes, it may lose a little of its niche reputation, although it would still have the M9s, the M240s and the MMs, plus all that lovely but very expensive glass, which will always be niche due to the high prices.


Leica's annual output is miniscule compaird to the other camera companies and german labor is very expensive. I don't believe Leica prices their bread and butter cameras to be expensive for any other reason than the price reflecting the cost to make. No affordable Leica is not an oximoron but that begs the question what is affordable. Will the new camera be more expensive than other compairable offerings yes will it be worth more than other offerings. Certainally in build quality and lens performance it should be but electronics will probably be on a par with or not quite as good as.

If leica makes as I hope a camera  that will take the interchangable M lenses with an evf or lcdf with the apsc sensor I dont think it would eat into M sales, with a full frame sensor maybe but its the rangefinder view finder that attracts M buyers not just the lenses.

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